Dandakaranya - The jungle of punishment

Dandakaranya - The Jungle of Punishment
Video art By Tushar Waghela
Duration 2:26 Min.

Death. Disaster. Destruction. Displacement. Dandakaranya, the jungle of punishment, was the mythical abode of Lord Ram and sheltered a primitive tribe who hummed uncoded songs of life. The mysterious character of terrain reinforced the enigma. Few ever visited Abujhmaad, the unknown hills. The myth is stripped off today as the woods are now the nucleus of the biggest insurgency in independent India, Maoist-police conflict, that has seen over 5000 corpses in the last 15 years. Animals disappeared, tribal life destroyed, natives migrated as police bunkers today dot the once secluded forest and rebels lurch in dark with stolen weapons. Encounters and rapes have acquired a yawning banality, tears elude the barren eyes. No end in sight, the battle rages on

Festival selection, Screenings and Exhibitions

1.    5th International video art Festival, Camag├╝ey, 2013
2.    2nd Motion International Festival Cyprus , 2013
3.    9th Berlin International Directors Lounge, 2013

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