A painter who has grown up overseas and lives in a metropolitan city now has returned back to Chhattisgarh to sell off his property after his father’s death. Terror is like a slow poison in the air here which is greying life with every breath .Something incredible happens with him at his ancestral land which has been the nucleus of the biggest insurgency of independent India.

Tushar Waghela Productions | Produced by Priyanka Waghela | Directed by Tushar Waghela
Starring - Dhruvaditya Bhagwanani, Shubhagnil Singh, Tarush Waghela, Vishay Waghela
Assistants - Ashish Ganjir, Neeraj Uke | Music by Swapnil Tamboli | Song by Narendra Pal Sing 


July Screenings

International Video Art Festival «Now&After» 2017 
The Home 
Screening 5-30 July 2017

Muestra Internacional de Videoarte y Videodanza! MEXICO
Lament of Sammy's Forest
and The Ghost Taxonomy
Screening  3 -15 July 

The OU Gallery, Duncan , BC, Canada
See You In The Future  
Screening 28 July 2017


Filmideo 2017 at INDEX ART CENTER ,USA

'Lament of Sammy's forest' 

Screening at

Filmideo 2017

29 April 2017, 1 - 6 PM. (Day Session)

Index Art Center237 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102 USA



Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Camagüey (FIVAC) 2017

'Lament of Sammy's Forest' is selected to take part at the
FIVAC Festival, Camagüey, Cuba. 4th - 9th April 2017.



VI International Festival of Screen and Media Arts, Siberia

Screening my film in “Documenting Reality” 
at VI International Festival of Screen and Media Arts, 
16 – 18 December 2016 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia
Presented by International Video Art Festival Now&After

Jaipur art Summit

Screening our film Shadow of thoughts at Jaipur art Summit on 8th dec.2016

Khajuraho international film festival

Screening my film at
Khajuraho international film festival
Radisson, Khajuraho , India

10 AM 11Dec2026


Filmingo Short Film Festival

Screening my film at Filmingo Short Film Festival
Date and Time: 3rd November 2016, 6.30 pm- 9.00pm
Venue : Ravindra Natya Mandir, Mini Theatre, Prabhadevi, Mumbai.

TUFF 2016 ||Tahoe Underground Film Festival, United States||

Screening my film at University of Nevada Reno,USA, UNR-Room DMS 110 ,
 5 Nov, 5PM 2016
 || TUFF 2016 ||Tahoe Underground Film Festival, United States||


HORS PISTES TOKYO Organized by the Centre Pompidou, Paris

Organized by the Centre Pompidou, Paris
Zing Zing Asia, 

19/9/2016 17:50-19:00 


Festival Internacional de Cine and Aquitectura Cinetekton!

The Home official selection
Festival Internacional de Cine y Aquitectura Cinetekton!
28th Sep to 2nd Oct. 2016 Puebla, Mexico..

Eternal love in the phantom ages

Eternal love in the phantom ages
Matter can neither be created, nor destroyed,  We all have same age as of the universe. We only change our forms . A couple with a mobile phone in the sea beach , The sea is telling them a story of eternal love and they transformed into birds.

Cast- Priyanka Waghela,  Tushar Waghela
Direction, Camera , Editing , Sound - Tushar Waghela
Text – Priyanka Waghela
Script - Tushar Waghela
Duration : 1:54 sec.



FUSION V Group show Paris

02/06/16 A group show with 11 Indian contemporary artists
Opening/Vernisage 2 June 18H-21H !

Visit our exhibition from 1 to 7 June daily 11-18
Artmosaic Gallery group exhibition
Espace Ségur
85, avenue Ségur, Paris 15


Chhattisgarh Diaries, Land Sold , Bharat/India 2008-2010

The world we live in is full of incredible truths and myths. The themes and narratives of my creations come from the facts and philosophies of life. They have a relation with the spirits of Indian heritage, art, culture and socio-political issues . It is an anecdotic series each one epitomizing its own tale. All the compositions have an indeterminate and anonymous destination to conquer, every tale touches its goal but ends up with a question mark for you to ponder over the image it has placed before you. The contents are not stationary; not at rest, instead are suspended in a state of reallocation; trying to speak out something, prompting you to peep inside the windows kept deliberately open. It is an invitation to participate in the ongoing triumph and be a part of the happenings inside.
Truth is a mobile army of metaphors, metonyms and anthropomorphisms –-- a sum of human relations, which have been enhanced, transposed & embellished poetically & rhetorically, and which after long use seem firm, canonical & obligatory to us.
 I present an art which has bred inside me for long but just given been birth to.